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Thread: Nook Color ROMs

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    Nook Color ROMs

    Below you can find a list of the Nook Color Active custom ROMs available to flash on your device. Flashing a ROM allows you to get a customized feel and style to your device. Some are built on efficiency while others focus on performance and extra features. It’s up to you to try them out and find out which one works best for you. Most of these ROMs come from XDA and are sorted by newest releases first. If you find some not on the list then reply here and we will add them to the list. Enjoy!

    Important-***Flash these ROMs at your own risk. ***

    Barnes & Noble Nook Color Custom Rom List

    03/10/2013 - [CM7.2] MiRaGe - KANG build of CyanogenMod | Direct Link

    03/04/2013 - [JB 4.1.2][04MAR13 v1.20] SCHIZOID all-in-one (CM10+AOKP M1+PA 2.55) | Direct Link

    02/27/2013 - [BETA] CyanogenMod 10.1 Beta for NookColor [2/27/13] | Direct Link

    02/15/2013 - NC-MROM [CM7] build:20130215 | Direct Link

    12/02/2012 - [Nightlies] ParanoidAndroid 4.1.2 | Direct Link

    11/15/2012 - CyanogenMod 10 Nightly Builds for Nook Color | Direct Link

    10/26/2011 -
    Phiremod 7.1 | Direct Link

    10/09/2011 - CyanogenMod 7 for the Barnes & Noble Nook Color :: V7.1.0 | Direct Link

    09/20/2011 -
    MIUI Nook Color 1.9.16 | Direct Link

    06/09/2011 -
    Xboxexpert's Froyo 2.2 | Direct Link
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