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    N.E.A.K Note 2 Kernel TW/AOSP [GT-N7100 / GT-N7105]

    Having a rooted and bootloader unlocked device not only allows you to access and modify system files, run root apps and custom ROMs but also lets you flash a custom kernel on to your device. The kernel is essentially what ties the software and hardware together and acts as the communication link between the two. All devices come with a pre-installed stock kernel which is set to the specifications of the OEM. A custom kernel is an unofficially developed alternative, which offers a lot of additional modification features and customizability which is not possible through the stock kernel. For example, a custom kernel may allow you change the clock speed of your device CPU to a higher level, bypassing the limitation set by the OEM. It may also allow you to modify voltage values, also called undervolting, which helps save battery life. Here's a step by step guide which will help you install one the most popular custom kernels for the Galaxy Note 2 - NEAK 2

    NEAK 2 has been created by XDA Reconized Developer simone201 and offers much better performance efficiency and battery life over the stock Samsung kernel. Perseus kernel has been created with the objective of giving you the optimal stabilty, performance and battery life through a lean, minimalistic kernel. NEAK is short for New Era Android kernel, and works with both AOSP as well as Sammy Touchwiz Jelly Bean ROMs.

    Compatible Device : Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N7100 / GT-N7105 (LTE)
    Compatible ROMs : Samsung TouchWiz based Jelly Bean ROMs and AOSP based JB ROMs.


    • N.E.A.K Note 2 Kernel - HERE (Get the latest version from the XDA thread)
    • Samsung USB Drivers - HERE
    • ODIN - HERE

    How to Install N.E.A.K Note 2 Kernel on the Galaxy Note 2 [GT-N7100/N7105]
    1. ​Make sure you have the Samsung USB drivers installed on your PC
    2. Download ODIN to your PC. Extract the ODIN zip file to your desktop
    3. Download the NEAK ODIN Flashable tar file to your PC. Save it to your desktop
    4. On your Note 2, go to Settings > Developer Options and enable USB Debugging
    5. Now power off your device completely. We will now be putting your phone into Download mode or Odin Mode as it is also called. Download mode is basically a Samsung Exclusive mode which allows flashing via Odin. Odin can only communicate with Samsung devices when they are in Download Mode. To get there, press and hold these keys together: Volume Down + Home + Power till the screen turns on. Then press Volume Up to enter download mode
    6. Launch Odin by double-clicking the Odin3 v3.0x.exe file from the ODIN folder on your desktop
    7. Connect your phone to your PC using the USB data cable, preferably the one that came with the phone. Any microUSB cable should work, but I prefer to use the one supplied with the phone to avoid any unforeseen complications. You should see the message Added!! in the main Odin message box like in the screenshot below, as well as as COM Port number in the first slot directly above the message box, which tells you that Odin has recognized your device and is communicating with it.

    8. If you donít get the Added! message, make sure that you have installed the drivers correctly OR Try using a different USB Port on your PC OR Try using a different USB cable, preferably the one that came with the phone. If what you see in Odin is exactly like in the screenshot above, proceed to the next step
    9. In Odin, click on the PDA button, and select the NEAK Kernel file that you saved to your desktop in Step 3
    10. Leave all other settings in ODIN at their defaults. Just make sure Re-Partition check box is left unchecked
    11. Double check everything from Step 10 for good measure, and then click the Start button in Odin. This will start the kernel flashing process, and you will see progress in the Odin Window. Once the flashing is complete, you phone will reboot automatically. If the flashing process has been successful, the top left message box will turn green with a PASS!! message in it. This means it is now safe to disconnect your phone from the PC.

    What if Odin gets stuck:
    If Odin hangs and doesn't seem to be doing anything, or if you get a FAIL message (with a red background) Ė Disconnect the phone from the PC, close ODIN, remove battery from the phone, reinsert it after 10 seconds, and repeat Steps 6-11

    Note: The source page for N.E.A.K Note 2 kernel also includes a CWM flashable zip file. If you do not want to flash the kernel using ODIN, you can download this zip file directly to your device, and flash it through CWM or TWRP recovery.

    Enjoy speed, smoothness and excellent battery life on your Galaxy Note 2 through the N.E.A.K Note 2 kernel

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