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    Help, battery won`t charge!!


    It seems like the battery in my slate won`t charge anymore!*Last time I used it, some days ago, I had it on until it turned off because of low battery. Everything was normal. chargeursbatterie.com .
    Now, this evening when I turned it on again, the battery in Windows saids "0% avaible (plugged in, charging)". Problem is, I have charged it for 15 minutes and it`s still at 0%. I tried to turn it off for some minutes and let it charge, but it won`t turn on without the poweradaptor plugged in.*
    Some days ago, same thing happened, it stayed at 0% when it charged, but it increased to 7% or something when I removed the charger, like a "normal" bug in Windows. Now it`s just dead when I remove the charger.
    Is the battery dead? Nothing to do beside from sending it back to Amazon? Im living in Norway, (Europe) is it possible to send it back to Amazon US from here? I have to pay toll again? (Both for sending it back, and for taking it into the country again?)*
    I really don`t know what to do right now, would appreciate help so much!!

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