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    Urgent! Dreadfully need help! Lost Android Text Messages!

    Hi all, I have been using Snapchat these days to chat with my friends so seems haven't been Real texting for long time. This morning I got a message from a VIP customer of his schedule to London next week. While I was about to dab on showing the text but what the hell!!! The phone crashed and rebooted automatically, not only my client's SMS but all messages stored on my phone vanished. No problem I can ask my client to send again his plan but what about the rest messages?! My brain stopped working at that exact moment.

    I have been searching so hard for a solution to quick regain lost message from Android phone. Yes, forget to tell you that I am using Samsung GT-s5300. After reading and googling for ages, I find that "Myjad Android SMS Recovery" might be the most suitable tool for me at the moment.
    So now I need advice! Whoever has utilized this program before is very much welcomed to post a comment coz your opinion would be a HUGE contribution to me. Urgently need reply. Thank you millions in advanced.

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    In my opinion it sounds astho it should defionatly be your sim card. This can either be an issue with the sim card or the phone its self. If the phones applications are working fine, then its probably the sim card. You should put the sim in another phone and see if it can read the messages. If not then you should contact your phone company and ask them to send you the texts the store on their system. It will either be a few or them all depending on your company. My logic of thinking is that if the texts were stored on your android phone its self, there would be something else missing that's not your texts.
    Either way hope this helps.



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