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Thread: CoolShip

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    FocusWill, a Chinese company, is releasing a new Android device in the form of a keyboard that can be use as a PC called the CoolShip.
    I personally don't know if it is a scam or not but I hope its the latter because the specs are pretty good.

    CoolShip is different from any other computers that you have seen on the market.

    What are the features of CoolShip:

    A desktop computer looks like a full-size keyboard with a 1.5Ghz dualcore ARM processor inside,1GB RAM,4/8GB Nand flash memory.

    A desktop computer with standard android 4.0 OS and an optioinal customized android OS(we named it CoolShip OS) that allows users having an user experience close to that of windows OS.

    A desktop computer provides users an access to web surf,Google Paly,Google Docs,Google Chrome,online or local 1080P HD videos,Facebook and other android apps on a bigger size screen.

    A desktop computer with both wifi and Ethernet card.

    A desktop computer that supports both VGA and HDMI output synchronously on 2 displays.

    A hardware upgradable desktop computer only require a replacement of a palm-sized core board to upgrade its processor,RAM and ROM at one time.

    CoolShip has ergonomic keyboard with chocolate keys and customized OS functional keys enable users a comfortable typing experience and very useful shortcuts.
    Surprisingly, the starter package only costs $89.
    My opinion? Its all too good to be true.


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