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    Sidekick 4G - Best configuration, fastest OS, and how hard is it to manage?

    I've been having issues with my Samsung Sidekick 4G crashing a lot, even after I just did a system restore.

    Then I recently discovered I can root my phone and get an OS designed by hackers that's a lot faster than mine.

    I'm a complete noob when it comes to phones and Linus. I've did tech support with PCs for a long time, but I know hardly anything about Linux.

    Question 1: Is there a good, fast OS that automatically installs apps?

    Question 2: What's the best, most user-friendly, fastest setup out there (including completely stable overclocking)?

    Question 3: If I can't get a new OS, is there a good setup for the standard Android 2.2 FROYO OS that I could use to speed this phone up and keep it from crashing?

    - Brian

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