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    What is a System Dump?

    You may have seen system dumps around the net for android devices and have wonder what it is. A system dump gives a user a image of the currently installed system ROM. You can use a system dump to restore your android device in case the situation arises that something has gone terrible wrong with your device. Obtaining a backup of the system or system dump is in most cases a good idea. Some people recommend doing this before upgrading or installing custom roms on your android device. Others recommended that unless your a developer you shouldn't be fooling around with system dumps. I hope this helps people who didn't know. Remember system dumps come in all shapes and sizes. So make sure you read whats included in a dump before using it.

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    So, just to clarify what you're saying, a system dump is like a disc image of someone's OS ROM. Making a system dump of your own device is a good idea for a backup, but installing a system dump that someone else created can cause a lot of problems? That makes sense. Your Droid has features that my Tagital tablet doesn't have, so if I tried to install your dump, it would likely cause problems, since it would be try to enable things that don't exist on my tablet? And vice versa, as my dump wouldn't have the necessary drivers to make use of all the features that your Droid has?

    Is that a good read on what you're saying?



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