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    Rooting/ROM keep settings....

    I'm completely new to the Rooting and Custom-Rom scene. So, please excuse my ignorance....

    I have looking, not sure if I was using the correct terms, or overlooked what I'm looking for. If there are other threads that answer my questions, please post the link so I can follow up on those.

    I have a Huawei U8800 Ideos. I want to do a custom ROM on it, but am curious as to
    1) how it will affect connecting to the cell network. I'm on the Cricket pay-as-you-go plans.
    2) I have several wifi hotspots saved, and I don't remember the passwords to those networks, and would like to backup/restore them. Is it possible to do so without having to re-enter the pw's for the wifi hotspots?
    3) What are the best roms to use with this device? I want to use the device primarily, other than standard cell phone, connect to a wifi hotspot and usb tether network.

    Thanks in advance,

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