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Thread: Verizon Video

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    Verizon Video

    What is you opinion about Verizon Video? I just recently found out about this service and I checked it out on their website:

    Media from Verizon Wireless - Verizon Video

    Apparently, the service offers TV episodes, live sports, and news, and is based on Verizon's partnership with several channels, among which: ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV, Comedy Central, CNBC, Animal Planet, Disney Channel etc. You can download the Verizon Video app from the Android Market.

    Have you tried this service from Verizon?

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    I'm not familiar with this service, or at least I wasn't before reading this, so I haven't tried it. Honestly, with Netflix, I don't feel the need to pay for any other TV services. We don't even have cable/satellite anymore, because all we ever do is watch re-runs on Netflix, lol. I think it's great if Verizon is willing to bundle the way AT&T does (or at least the way they used to when I was an AT&T customer).

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    I think Netflix pretty much dominates any type of prepaid video or T.V. streaming. I know Google T.V. is going to try, and I hope it's a success, but cellphones attempting to do this is a waste of resources, in my opinion.



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